ARPWave – DC Current and “Searching” for the Source

ARPWave therapy is a form of electrical stimulation that is now available at API.  ARPWave utilizes 2 wave forms; DC current and a background wave.  The first waveform, DC current, has been used for years in the PT world, but not in the same manner that it is utilized by ARPWave.  DC current is designed to create a relaxation effect on the muscles; especially when used concurrently with functional activity.  DC current is polarity (positive or negative) based and can be used in a variety of therapeutic ways to address muscle pain, re-education, edema and functional training.

ARPWave therapy utilizes a unique approach that combines functional movement with high intensity DC current stimulation to create a functional change.  The ultimate goal is to identify pathways of dysfunction that are causing muscles to become inhibited or to shut down and to reconnect those pathways through stimulation.  Simply put we are trying to “reboot” the nervous system to restore patterns that have been shut down due to weakness, pain, or lack of a functional connection.  One of the unique components of ARPWave is the ability to do “searches”.  Searches look for areas that are “shut down” in an effort to reboot the connections to the nervous system.  This is unique to other types of electrical stimulation.

The Background Wave

The second waveform of ARPWave is the background wave.  This is a vital part of the rehabilitation process as it is stimulating the unconscious part of the nervous system that is “behind the scenes”.  The background wave is designed to tap into our Autonomic Nervous System (via Alpha Gamma loop stimulus).  The Autonomic Nervous System is an unconscious reactionary system that is consistently regulating body function at many levels.  Tapping into this system can provide relaxation in various physiologic systems which are reacting to the bodies adaptive issues.

Conventional Electric Stimulation – AC Current

The majority of other electrical stimulation applications, such as TENS, IFC AND NMES use AC current.  AC current is more contractile and therefore is not creating relaxation or allowing neuromuscular patterns to be restored.  Also, these applications don’t search for specific patterns but rather treat symptoms (pain, inflammation, and weakness).  Although these types of electrical stimulation can be effective, they are not always targeting the specific point in the muscle that is causing the problem. The ARPWave search mechanism enables us to find the source of the problem, not simply target areas of pain, thereby helping us to restore the find underlying dysfunctional issues.  This is vitally important for a return to proper neuromuscular function.

The API Difference

Adding ARPWave to API has enabled us to break patterns created by chronic issues that have built up as the result of dysfunction and pain.  In combination with our manual (hands-on) work to restore tissue, alignment, nerve mobility and function, we are now able to add ARPWave to unlock neurologic patterns that would otherwise rebound back to their original state.  This creates longer lasting results, breakthroughs in strength and stability and ultimately allows our clients to regain a higher level of function.

As a part of the API philosophy of treating the “source” versus the symptoms, ARPWave is an ideal adjunctive therapy.  Schedule an appointment to see the results!