Here’s What Some Our Satisfied Customers Have To Say

Amy Geils has been so helpful for our teenage daughter’s sports injuries throughout high school. Instead of just treating the problem, she looks for the underlying root causes of the injury. She invests time and energy to provide the best care possible and even came in early to see our daughter before school. She’s followed up after sessions with additional helpful information and she’s helping get her daughter stronger and healthier. She’s the best!

Amy Brown

“You are amazing. I saw Amy and she fixed several issues I had, neck pain, etc.  She couldn’t fix the major one, however. She encouraged me to get an MRI. I did and it showed severe arthritis in my back. I saw Dr. Marciano, as she recommended, and he performed surgery to remove arthritis residue in my low back. I’m doing great now. I’m so grateful that this business performs manual therapies and gives good medical advice. Thanks!”

Susan Wilson

“When Covid-19 hit, I spent several months being inactive and my body suffered. My back got so bad I almost couldn’t get of bed. I didn’t know what do and reached out to Charlynn for help. She was the key!

She did multiple tests and found out where I was weak, and we found the right therapy routine. She was incredible!

She did more than fix me, she helped me understand my body and reach a level of control that I hadn’t touched before.  The ARPwave technology she uses is unlike anything I’ve experienced.

She will be my first call for any help I need in the future, thanks Charlynn”!

Jack H
“I’ve been racing professionally for over decade now, going from London 2012 Olympic Hopeful to focusing on long distance triathlons and winning Ironman races at the pro level. In the process, I’ve logged hundreds and hundreds of miles on my bike and running and have worked with multiple physical therapists from all sorts of backgrounds and teams I was involved with. Rick Little ranks extremely high among them being the one PT that I’ve came across with that doesn’t just address the area where the pain is felt but also going above and beyond to understand what lead to such injury so I can properly address the cause of the issue. As an endurance athlete constantly enduring strenuous activities, I highly recommend Rick as your go-to-PT for any injury related to running, cycling or swimming”.
Pedro Gomes, Professional Triathlete
Rick is probably the best physical therapists in the State of AZ. First and foremost he is interested in your well being and resolving your physical issues. He will get you back on your feet regardless of how “few” visits it takes to do so. You are in the most competent hands and I’ve been to rehab at Scottsdale Honor and Barrows!
Joe Straining, President (Retired) of Elite Staffing, NJ

“I originally went to Amy, at a friend’s recommendation, for a chronic shoulder issue. Within 3 months of treatment, I had gained full functionality back – only to fall and break my upper arm! After the initial healing period, I returned to Amy to develop a unique treatment plan to restore shoulder functionality, release the trauma from the fall and use my yoga practice to build strength and flexibility.

At the same time, my hand began to show symptoms of Dupuytren’s Contracture as well as a trigger finger condition which was painful and debilitating.  Within 1 month, Amy successfully treated both issues avoiding the need for cortisone shots or surgery and returning the use of my right hand!

I am so thankful for Amy and her extensive knowledge, expertise and encouragement!  I highly recommend her!”

Ginny Martin

“I was recommended to Ascend by my husband who also had fantastic results there.  When I arrived for my first appointment I was having trouble sitting to standing and in a great deal of pain.  I had back surgery previously and not only needed for the pain to go away but I needed the knowledge to realize what I could and could not do moving forward.  Amy provided all of that to me and more.  In a matter of weeks I was healed and gained the knowledge that was necessary to prevent myself from the groundhog’s day pattern that I had been in for quite some time.  I really enjoyed our time together and am so grateful that I went to see her.  Thank you Amy.  I will recommend you to everyone who could benefit from your expertise.”

Liz McDermott, Realtor, HomeSmart

“After completing my first full distance Ironman, I was caught off guard when I began experiencing serious back issues. Always an athlete, I have never been plagued by anything. After 3 incidences where my back seized up completely I knew something was just off and everything I did to fix it clearly wasn’t helping. I found out about Rick through a friend and actually sought him out for a bike fit…..I thought that was maybe my issue. After telling him what I have been experiencing he had me come in for a consultation. My life began to change after this first visit. We had X-rays completed and his hunch was correct; I had a fractured T12 vertebrae as a result of landing on my tailbone too hard as a kid. This caused a curve in my spine and along with the very poor bike fit I trained and raced with, the L5 disc in my lower back was slightly herniated. This was wreaking all kinds of havoc. I seriously thought my running and triathlon days were over. They weren’t. With his adjustments and me being diligent about the exercises he gives me plus learning my limits, I was very relieved when he told me there was no need to quit my sport or any part of it.  I have sent my husband and several other people to Rick….people who thought they were doomed to suffer with their back, neck or knee issues only to also find a renewed, pain free life! I am forever grateful for having found Rick and for everything he has done to keep my spine healthy.  I never have low back pain and no one would ever guess I run, bike, swim and lift weights with a fractured vertebrae!   Cannot say thank you enough!!”

Kristie Norrell, Athlete

“In 1996 I broke my right leg and it did not heal properly. Unbeknownst to me it ended up 9 mm shorter than the left leg and I did not realize this until 2010 when I began to have serious hip and neck pain. On top of that injury, I had a serious water skiing accident in 2007. I spent years bouncing around from one physician and physical therapist to another trying to find a solution to my increasing pain and discomfort. Finally I was lucky enough to find Rick and Amy. They have helped me re-balance my muscles through targeted treatment and an exercise program which has reduced my pain and increased my function. They are truly the best! I know because I literally looked all over the State until I found them.”

Ross Cooper, New Horizons Realty Advisors

“I put off hip replacement surgery for 2 years, which caused me to compensate with every motion to prevent (more) pain…walking, sitting, golf, etc. This caused my spine to become out of alignment and my whole body out of balance.  After surgery, my hip was fine, but lower back pain remained.  Rick diagnosed the problem immediately, and with some hands on therapy and home exercises, I was completely out of pain in 2 weeks, for the first time in over 3 years.

Rick’s knowledge and understanding of anatomy is incredible, diagnosing the root cause of a problem and thus a solution.  I recommend Rick Little to anyone with back pain.  He has changed my life and improved my golf game!”


“I have a significant low back issue and came from out of state to see Rick.  I had heard of his reputation with golfers and injuries.  I have sustained several complicated injuries after being hit by cars while riding bike. I say that to say I have had a lot of physical therapy. He is  exceptional in every way. I came home with videos of what to do to heal and  a video for my golf coach at home on what to avoid.  I also have recommendations on what to get for my balance and feet.  I will travel to see him again. He is outstanding.”

Susie Willard, Physician, Family Practice

“Ascend Performance Institute is a place of healing. Your instinct is to tell all your friends (which you do!) because their philosophy extends beyond what’s immediately wrong to an overall healing experience. Both Rick and Amy are gifted and experienced. I worked with Rick after a skiing injuring with a slight tear of the meniscus.  And Amy after a cycling accident suffering from a concussion and whiplash. They are a great compliment to each other, and know I am in good hands! I would highly recommend API.”

Annie Sells-Brooks

“I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend Amy.  I am an active professional who travels and walking through airport terminals and downtown major cities is what I do on a frequent basis.  Amy solved a major crisis I was having in my foot with pain associated in the toes where I could hardly walk.  Neither my chiropractor nor trainer could resolve the issue.  My trainer recommended Amy; and not only did she resolve my foot problem and pain, she helped me with a chronic shoulder/hip problem that was likely related to my aching foot.  Both issues were solved and it was like a miracle to walk pain-free!  I am impressed with Amy’s ability to get to the root of the issue quickly and work up a plan for home exercise (if needed) and what it will take to solve the issue.  I guarantee you that you won’t be disappointed!”

Ramona Rahkola, Account Executive Officer

“I am a 65-year-old former top 10 national junior tennis player.  I started golf at 30, and played some mini tour golf.  In time I needed right shoulder and elbow surgery, and had years of neck adjustments to avoid fusion.  Eventually, I had neck fusion and rotator cuff surgeries in 2014, with fairly good recovery and improving the ability to play golf.  I then had a rough airplane landing in 2016 which took away my strength and coordination and range of motion.  After 5 different PT therapists, after time for healing, after rest, after acupuncture, a neurologist told me golf is unsafe for my neck due to the fusion.  I told my swing coach, Paul Trittler, I was thinking of giving up on golf due to my inability to compress the ball or control my swing.  He suggested seeing Rick first.  That day we went to see Rick between two appointments, and Rick told me in 2 minutes that he knew he could help me get strong again.  Wow!

For some reason I trusted Rick.  He seemed calm, confident, humble and professional.  I had met many therapists, but he had a new approach.  I traveled to Phoenix three times in the next month to give this a chance.  In a few appointments, I knew I was recovering my ability to play golf.

I am sure that I am playing golf now ONLY because of Rick.  Other therapists could not and still cannot help me.  Rick is helping me to play competitive golf, and to do so with a return to strength and range of motion and ability to control my golf swing again.

I have shared my story with acquaintances, friends, and family.  In the last 18 months, over 10 people with difficult health issues have seen Rick at my recommendation, and he has helped all of them.

I continue to be immensely grateful to Rick for his gifts of diagnosis and healing, and for helping me play competitive golf and have fun on the golf course.  Also, I feel better every day too!”

Kathy West

“I recommend Rick Little highly for any physical therapy needs you might have. And I must tell you that Rick is more than a gifted physical therapist, he is a “body whisperer.” I had ongoing pain with plantar fasciitis…tried orthotics, tried physical therapy…but the pain continued…so much so that I was unable to hike or run. After one visit with Rick, I was out of pain. Honestly. Now I have regular “maintenance” visits to ensure I stay pain-free. And what I notice about Rick is that he is always learning and enhancing his art and science. And he performs his caring treatments with such calmness and wisdom.I  feel so fortunate that Lisa Moro, my excellent Pilates coach, recommended Rick to me”.

Lynne Browne, Lynne Brown and Associates

“I have been receiving physical therapy from Amy for 10 weeks now with incredible results.  I was experiencing a general deterioration of my health including inflexibility, stiffness, balance issues, fatigue, neck stiffness and back pain.  As a senior (age 78), I had reached a point of discouragement regarding my health and doubted I could do anything about it.  In the past, I was living a fairly active lifestyle (i.e. regular walks, golfing, gardening, etc.), but I was becoming less active and accepting my deteriorating health as irreversible. Amy was thorough in evaluating my health issues and we methodically began to address them one at a time. The first area she addressed was my back pain and inflexibility by performing therapy combined with an exercise and stretching plan to strengthen my core.   I am experiencing much less pain now and am able to walk with confidence and without pain.  Last week I golfed 3 days and I was really encouraged because I did so with greater energy and without pain or soreness the day after. We are currently addressing my neck stiffness pain and I am beginning to experience improvement with this issue.  The success of my therapy treatment plan has exceeded my expectations and has allowed me to return to a more active lifestyle.”

John Helmers

“I was referred to Rick by my neurologist at Barrow who insisted that “Rick is a smart guy who has had success with challenging cases like yours.” I had been to 7 different physical therapists for the same general issues over the preceding 5 years (not including sports med docs, chiropractors, massage therapists, etc.) but none was able to keep me out of pain or help to restore normal function and strength so I could get back to playing sports and my active lifestyle. From my first session with Rick, it was already clear that he and his approach were unique. He was more knowledgeable about my condition than any professional I had ever met with and as soon as he laid his hands on me, I could tell he knew what he was doing. After just 1 session of working on my pelvis and hips, I could already feel a difference. Since then, Rick has worked tirelessly helping me get untwisted, stronger, and helping my body unlearn destructive engagement patterns. Aside from being a top-notch physical therapist, Rick’s patience, emotional support, and constant encouragement have helped heal my bruised ego too. I recommend Rick to any of my friends who are injured or post op and in need of a partner to help them in a speedy, lasting recovery. Thank you, Rick, for all that you do and for being the amazing healer that you are!”


“Amy, thank you so much for the excellent care you have provided. You must hear all the time that you are quite extraordinary. Case-in-point: I slept through the night last night for the first time in months and months! You worked on my neck due to the pain I had post MRI. Whatever you did, I wish you could put it in a bottle and sell it. I appreciate your expertise and your kindness”.


“With a history of numerous injuries and two surgeries, I have had many physical therapists over the years. It is an understatement to say that Rick Little is head and shoulders above the rest. Rick has helped me with problems such as atrophy and pain that other PTs said would not improve. He has a keen understanding of the complex interconnections in the body, and he treats me as a whole person, rather than as a jumble of individual parts and injuries. Rick’s treatment has completely transformed my recovery and healing process. I joke that he can never retire because there is nobody else whom I trust so completely for PT.”


“I broke my tailbone when I was 14 and have had back problems ever since. I became a PGA golf professional ( another good thing for my back) and then as the final stressor to my fragile spine, I decided to walk the Camino de Santiago, a 500-mile pilgrimage, during which several disks in my spine(13 to be exact )collapsed. When I returned home I had severe stenosis in 2 areas of my lumbar spine requiring a laminectomy, which eliminated the stenosis without fusion of the spine. I had been doing PT regularly with little results. Then I found Rick and Amy.  One of the first steps they took was to work on an old appendectomy scar that was responsible for the deactivation of all of the muscles on the right side of my body.  Amy and Rick have, in 2 months, not only diagnosed my very complicated spinal situation but given me exercises that I can do at home that work. For the first time in 5 years, I feel like I’m getting my life back”.

Tom Patrick, Retired executive SunCor Development and life member of PGA of America

“My knee feels incredibly better thanks to you.  I seriously can’t believe the difference.  Thank you, Amy.  You are a great PT”!

Susan Petty

“In every profession there are a few experts that stand out above their peers. Rick Little is one of those experts in the field of physical therapy. I have suffered with chronic low back pain for several years and have been to many doctors and physical therapists. A friend told me to go see Rick after I was told surgical fusion was the only option left for me. I am happy to say that Rick is able to keep me out of pain and I am now able to engage in the physical activities that I previously had to stop. Rick is the reason why. He is exceptional at diagnosing what I need and continues to help me when the pain flares up. Since I began seeing Rick I have had 2 knee operations, a shoulder injury, and tennis elbow. Every time I go to Rick he performs his magic and relieves my pain. The care with which he listens, his manipulations, and the exercises needed to maintain my freedom of movement are all part of Rick’s therapy plan. He never gives up, continues to learn about new advances in his field, and explores all possible solutions to your individual needs. I have referred several friends and family members to Rick and he has been able to help all of them. I cannot say enough about the care and concern Rick Little has given to me. He truly is the best in his field.”


“Being treated by Rick Little has been instrumental in my return and ability to be a competitive runner and endurance athlete. After a cycling accident left me with temporary paralysis and the need of five neuro-spine surgeries, my neurosurgeon recommended I see Rick for therapy. Rick’s combination of immense knowledge, experience with athletes, and most important the highest level of care and concern has made him stand out as one of the very best physical therapists providing care today.”


“We have known Rick for about 8 years and he has helped us, my daughters and myself, return to the activities that we love to do. He is able to quickly and precisely diagnose the dysfunctions or limitations we have due to overuse injuries or just poor mechanics. His hands on therapy gets the job done and his knowledge of exercise programs keeps us maintaining what we are supposed to be doing correctly. As a triathlete what may be hurting in one discipline might be caused by another discipline and Rick’s knowledge and overall observations corrects and fixes the issues. He also has a good understanding of the growing body and the changes as he has helped my oldest daughter return and be one of the highest ranked athletes for high school cross country and track and my youngest daughter back to competitive swimming. I appreciate his overall approach to how the body works and not just focusing on the specific injury; his goal is to get you back to what you love to do.”


“Ascend performance is simply the finest.  It is a relief knowing that such expertise is available. Competence and integrity. Five stars.”

Andy Seagle