Rick Little PT MS, Founder and Owner

Rick Little, PT MS
Rick Little, PT MSFounder and Owner

Rick Little has been a licensed Physical Therapist since 2000.  During this time, he has developed a treatment philosophy that encompasses a broad spectrum of manual techniques.

Rick graduated from Grand Valley State University.  He spent his first 8 post-graduate years in Michigan receiving additional training and mentorship.  During that time, Rick built a strong foundation in Osteopathic medicine by mentoring with several instructors at Michigan State University. Philip Greenman DO and Fred Mitchell DO provided foundational skills in manipulation and muscle energy approaches.  Also during this time, Rick trained with Vladamir Janda who provided deep insight into muscle imbalances and principles of stabilization as they relate to muscle function.  Rick has continued to expand his knowledge base by frequently attending education workshops in areas such as visceral mobilization, neural mobilization, manipulative therapies, myofascial approaches, functional training, and sports interventions.

While in Michigan, Rick also co-owned and operated a private practice. Additionally, he developed several community programs in health and wellness and designed high-performance training programs.  He became a primary resource for running and gait analysis and was sought out by athletes all over the state.  He has worked with many types of clients through the years including professional athletes in the fields of soccer, cycling, baseball, and triathlons.

Rick served as the Director of Physical Therapy at Barrow Brain and Spine for 9 years, relinquishing this position in 2018 to focus on his business.  The years at Barrow’s provided additional depth into his approach towards managing spinal dysfunction and challenging spinal cases.

Rick has been involved in teaching for several years, starting his career prior to Physical Therapy as a high school teacher.  He has served as an adjunct professor teaching spinal mobilization and manipulation courses in Michigan.  He has taught locally at Midwestern University and Grand Canyon University in both the Physical Therapy and Athletic Training curriculums. Rick has lectured around the country on a variety of topics including cervical, lumbar and TMJ dysfunctions.  Rick provides a multifaceted approach in his teaching and his approach with his clients.