Lisa Bettini Moro
Lisa Bettini MoroStudio Owner

Lisa Bettini Moro is the creator and owner of PACE Pilates and has been a physical fitness professional for over 25 years. Lisa holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education/ Exercise Science from Arizona State University, and began her career in the health club industry.  In 2016, Lisa’s studio became a location for Ascend Performance Institute.  Lisa has combined the knowledge and experience she has gained from working closely with API with her Pilates expertise to continue expanding a unique style of teaching reflected in her current client work. In 2018, she recreated her studio as PACE (Pilates Adaptations & Corrective Exercise) as a studio dedicated to her area of specialty and passion to help those who wish to benefit from Pilates exercise while addressing their injuries, conditions or age. Lisa teaches Pilates fitness clients of all levels—beginner to advanced—as well those clients being referred for injuries and conditions. Her sessions include creative and therapeutically-sound adaptations of typical Pilates exercises and repertoire, clinically indicated adapted protocol for specific conditions, and corrective exercises and techniques to improve alignment, posture, joint-mechanics and deep stabilization.

Lisa was voted “Best Pilates Instructor” in the Best of the Valley 2014 issue of Arizona Foothills Magazine.

Telephone: (602) 538-5686