Tabitha Kuehn PT DPT
Tabitha Kuehn PT DPTPhysical Therapist

Tabitha earned her degrees in Psychology and Kinesiology from ASU.  She earned her doctorate degree in Physical Therapy from A.T. Still University in 2011.  Tabitha practiced at an outpatient clinic that was part a world-renowned neurological institute, Barrow Braina and Spine, from the time she completed her graduate studies until September 2019.

Tabitha’s approach to pelvic floor conditions will focus on achieving adequate space for the pelvic organs, improved blood flow to and spring of tissues for restored pelvic floor function. Tabitha’s pelvic practice has focused on chronic pelvic pain and pressure, SIJ dysfunction, hip pain, incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, pelvic floor dysfunctions, pregnancy, post-menopausal symptoms. Internal techniques can enhance your intervention outcomes for bladder, uteral, rectal, and general pelvic and hip dysfunctions.

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